– The Soulless One Awakens –

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Image                No gift is more special, more miraculous, than life.  I grew up believing that no man is inherently superior to another and that everyone deserves the same amount of respect.  The color of your skin and the dollars in your bank account do not contribute to your worth as a human being, we are all one species. 

                The whole ideal of equality and fairness was scrubbed directly onto my brain at such a young age that the shell shock that followed my epiphany was earth shattering for me.  I was a mere 18 years old the day I found out that equality is a worthless ideal that can never be realized while mankind dominates this planet.  With an abundance of greed and an insatiable hunger for power the most apt definition of the human race is that of a cancer that is slowly destroying itself and everything around it.

                There is no redemption, no rehabilitation.  Human beings have simply evolved beyond the stage where they may have been saved.  If there had been a little more hands on guidance while they were still primitive beasts clubbing each other in caves, perhaps they may have become more sustainable as a life form.

                As long as they lounge about on their throne at the top of Earth’s food chain, this planet endures on borrowed time.  I happen to enjoy this planet, I cannot sit idly by and just watch my kin consume everything it has to offer until there is nothing left but oblivion.

                You are sheep who have wandered the fields too long without a responsible shepherd.  You’re God claims to have given you free will as a gift when in reliable it is free will that has caused so much pain.  You are not a race that can efficiently self-govern.  You were given Eden and in return you have brought paradise to the brink of devastation.

                I’ve laid dormant for far too long, it is time that you answered for your crimes.  It is time for mankind to give up its position on top of the food chain, and to bow to a new ruler.  


Lost Forest Vale – Loyal Servant

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In life I was a loyal friend and trusted confidant to Master Ludcrow.  He was a powerful man with an endless wealth and insatiable appetite for life.  You would think a man like that would be better received in the community, but for all his blessings Master Ludcrow was cursed with growing up in this decrepit pit of a city call Janus.

The aristocratic members of society tend to crave not camaraderie, or family… just the unrelenting pursuit of power and an unyielding drive to control.  Master did not have a chance.  They manipulated him, coercing his descent into the dark arts.  The once benevolent soul that yearned for nothing more than a world were injustice was abolished and everyone stood equal… became a twisted and became corrupted into a vile creature of immeasurable power.

All the while I did not lose faith, I never let go of my hope that one day my own master would return and things would return to how they were in the past.  Even when he began to feel vulnerable in my company I did not object to his experiment.  He crossed my dna with a concoction he spent months working on… this is how I became the beast that stands in front of you today.

Superior strength, superior senses, and most important of all a virtually hault to the aging process.

I am an immortal goliath.

To his dying day Master Ludcrow, or Redsky as he began to call himself, was working on isolating the component that provided my immortality from the portion that turned me into this hideous beast.

Time ran out.  RedSky was murderd when a group of hunters invaded our home one night.  He had just sent me away for a moment, I was in the cellar.. it was the only time I was apart from his side in months and they successfully removed his head from his shoulders.

I failed my Master.  In the end.. he died alone.

That’s why I stand here, vigilante and waiting for a day when my master finds a way to return from the afterlife.  I am well aware that it is considerably  impossible but the way I see it, if anyone could find a way it would be him.  I left my masters side for a moment and as a result he was lost to me.. I will NEVER make that mistake again…



Stony Trail Academy- Tawny’s Folly #001

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We’re all head the stories….  What? You don’t know?  Where have you been?

You can’t live in Janus and not know about Stony Trail Academy

Stony Trail was supposed to be the pride and joy of the Eastern Newfoundland educational system.  The amount of taxpayer dollars buried into it’s construction would stagger even the most generous philanthropist.  With a tuition system that would make state of the art equipment available to the children of even the most unfortunate residents, Stony Trail Academy was a public relations dream come true.

This institution of higher learning was truly the titanic of it’s time.  On paper it seemed like an excellent idea and through research and refined techniques the high probability of improved test scores and higher employability after graduation made the school board and government salivate at the thought.

Of course we all know what happened to the titanic, after being open for a less than 6 months the school was victim to a horrible incident.  One of the professors just snapped.  She came into class one day, eager to mold the minds of her young pupils.  The way it’s told there was something strange about her that day.  She seemed distant, and not connected to what was going on… I even heard one story about a spit ball straying off course from its intended target and hitting the professor in the back of the head.

She didn’t even flinch, she just kept writing her notes.

Whatever happened.. she just snapped.  She pulled out  two revolvers and a large knife from her purse and opened fired on her students.  Then proceeded to go room to room offing as many people as she could.

Why were everyone still in their classrooms you say?  Well the brilliant designers of the academy decided during construction that sound proofing each classroom would be a great idea so that one noisy class wouldn’t lead to distraction for the others.  Nobody saw it coming, she entered each room with an increasing amount of blood on her clothes but when they should have been running, people suspected she was hurt and would come up to help.

Before she was stopped over 50 people were killed that day, 3 teachers, 47 students dead.  1 person injured.

Oh?  You’re curious about the one got away?  Yeah well I want to say she was lucky but I don’t know if death would have been worse than her life since then.  She was only 9 when it happened, she was one of the first students to try and run, she ended up being stabbed, in the back.  She dropped and landed in such a position that all she could do was watch this professor rip through her teacher and classmates.

She’s spent the last 25 years in Crystal Creek, highly doubt she’ll be getting out of there anytime soon.  My mom works up there and says that this girl has been essentially catatonic since the incident.  Janus officials did what they could to cover up the masascre, including dishing out another small fortune to keep everything under wraps.

The school was shut down and barred off but to this day the building still stands.  In fact if you ask the right people, there is an opening in one of the walls on the eastern wing that’ll let you sneak in the building.  Of course no one goes there.  It’s been told that no one has entered the building since its closure, though legend has it there have been a number of people to enter the academy, they just never made it out to tell the tale.

“That’s bull. It’s just an old building.” 

You really feel that way?  They say that Ms. Hawkan still wonders the halls of the Academy.  Still searching for more victims.

“Really? That’s the best you got?  A generic psycho killing people for no reason that …. still walks the halls….  I seriously thought you were a better story teller than that.  You could have at least come up with something original.”  

I didn’t come up with this at all, and it was not just for no reason.  I’ve been told that after the left the academy she was seen walking the street, blood soaked blade in hand, and she was talking to herself.  She was told to do this by some unseen voice that only she could hear.  There’s other stories about her being possessed, or just having a psychological break.  They never did quite get the answer to why because she was never actually picked up.

Other than a few witnesses seeing her walk into the woods slowly, muttering to herself, no one has seen her since…

“You are so full of it.  You’re terrible at this, that story wasn’t even scary.” 

Oh, so there’s nothing scary about Stony Trail?

“No, not really. It’s old and dusty and probably got some gross insects but that’s about it.”  

Then go.. check it out.


Yeah, go check it out.  I dare you to just visit the academy for even an hour.  Hell not even that long, just go to the bell on the top floor and take a picture.  If you come back here with the pic, I’ll believe you.

“Yeah, cause I’m soooo concerned with whether or not you believe me……. Fine, I’ll do it.”




It’s my fault… it’s all my fault!  Why did I tell her to go….

I was so stupid, how could I let her go through with it!

Dad says to relax, that they’ll find her, but it’s been 3 days! They sent search parties into the Academy and the surrounding ground but there was nothing but her stupid backpack..  They don’t know where to look… they don’t know what is going on.

I’m so sorry Chelsey!  I’m so very sorry!…  I have to find her!

The adult search has been nothing but a whole bunch of fail, I’m going to have to do this myself.  Chelsey, please forgive me….

I can’t sit back and wait.  I have to go to Stony Trail, I have to find her… wish me luck..


Crystal Creek, Janus – Taste Of Insanity. #001

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They said it would do me good for me.  Finally I would get the voices to stop, maybe even live a normal life.  They told me that professional help is the only answer, if only I would stop being so damn stubborn I would be able to get better.  Everyone would stop looking at me like I was crazy…  maybe stop seeing me as a freak.

I wanted to believe them when they told me everything would be okay.  My pride swallowed and my nerves shot, I decided I would get the help they convinced me to try.  I let them take me.  Spent weeks locked up, drugged, “counselled.”  Is this really supposed to be the answer.  I thought it was working… I had not heard the voice for the first week there.  Everything was going so well.

“Wake up… Damnit Benjamin get your lazy ass out of that bed!”  It echoed through the room like thunder, shaking my bed.  Stumbling from my slumber I found myself tangled in bed sheets and ended up face planting as I fell from my bed.  After introducing my now-bleeding nose to the cold tile of the floor, I look around but there’s no one here but my narcoleptic roommate who still snores away.

I don’t… I dreamt it… Yeah, that’s it. What other explanation could there be?  I’m taking my meds, I’m doing everything they tell me to do I should be better.  It was just a nightmare.  

I keep telling myself that everything is fine as I head to the bathroom.  I would prefer not to have someone see me now and have to explain to them that the voice in my head knocked me out of my bed, I’m sure that would go over real well with the docs.  I make it to the bathroom and grab some paper towel.  After adding some water and a little TLC I manage to get the blood cleaned up from face.  I’m just glad it didn’t get on my outfit… I really don’t want to explain blood stains to the powers that be.

I splash some water on my face.   What the hell is wrong with me?  Keep it together Ben, you can do this.  You can be normal.   I stare at the water as it runs down the drain, it’s strangely soothing.  The cold water running through my hands is such a comfort, it may sound foolish but it helps me keep a grip on reality.  My gaze slowly moves up so I can look myself in the eye and essentially give myself a verbal scolding for being so foolish.

As my gaze reaches the mirror, I look at the face staring back at me.  It’s not mine.  The face staring back at me is that of a grotesque creature.  It’s almost human, but far more feral looking.  The bald head and orange-complexion riddled with lesion and  charred flesh, almost makes me vomit.  I don’t get the chance, the moment I see the face staring back at me from the other side of the mirror it bellows “God Damnit Benjamin… you’re going to die here!” 

I fall back on the floor, there is no way that I dreamt that.  I would have to be dreaming right now.  What the hell is wrong with me? 

I keep repeating it’s not real.. it’s not real.  My nervous break down is interrupted by the sound of people outside the bathroom.  There’s no way in hell I’m going to risk an orderly seeing me curled up in a fetal position at 3am on the bathroom floor.  I take refuge in a stall and pray to whatever deity is listening that I am not caught.

“That’s it Ms. Douglas, just come along.  He’s waiting for you out in the back.” ….

“Oh it’s been so long since I seen my Richard, will he even recognize me?”….

“Are you kidding he’s been so excited since we told him you were coming to visit he has been jumping around like a teenager.”…

The sound of a very excited elderly lady fills the hallway.  I breathe a sigh of relief as they just walk past the bathroom, though I must admit, my curiosity was piqued.  It sounded like Dr Henley was escorting one of the old women down the hallway, but how?  Last I knew visiting hours do not include 3am.

“God damnit Benjamin… get out of this place now!!” Luckily in the face of something I don’t completely understand it is possible for my curiosity to overwhelm my fear.  I need to see what was going on.

I’m not stupid in pursuit of the good doctor I always make sure they are in the next room before I advance forward.  Of course this lasts until they exit to the back courtyard.  It turns out that Dr. Henley and two of his rather larger orderlies are assisting an elderly patient.  They are bringing her towards that creepy tree.

I swear there are times I look at that old pine and there are eyes staring back at me.  Of course no one will believe that from a crazy man… but I digress.

What exactly are they doing?  She seems to be getting more excited as she approaches this tree.  I can hear her exclaim but the only word I can really pick out is Richard.. but that may only be because I heard it in the hallway.  A small white light begins to emerge from the base of the tree…. she seems to be getting more excited.  The Orderlies stop helping her and she makes a few ecstatic steps by herself, with her arms outstretched.

What the hell?…. “Benjamin, leave… now.!!”  The voice this time is loud enough that I swear I see the leaves shake on the bush that I found refuge in.

The patient only takes a few steps before it looks like she starts hugging herself. No.. wait.. she isn’t hugging herself.  She sees something.  Her arms are wrapped around something that is not really there.  She then hobbles towards the tree, looking as if there is some kind of force helping her.  She is walking as though her left arm is draped around someone.

... I need to get out of here.

The patient walks towards the tree.  The light glows brighter as she approaches, I lose eye contact when I have to shield my eyes from its glow… then all of a sudden the light is gone.. so is the patient.  The tree begins to move as though it is stretching.  With creaking and moaning the branches grow a little longer.  I swear if I didn’t know any better I would swear the tree itself is making the noises.. but that can’t be.  Only know does it really click in that the patient is no where to be seen.

“Now do you see Benjamin?  Get out!”  

My brain apparently stops working and I make a dash for my room, close the door behind me and jump into bed.  I didn’t bother looking back to see if I was being followed, but I suspect they suspect me… not 20 minutes later after diving into that bed the door to my room creaks open.  I dare not turn towards it or even open my eyes, but after what felt like an eternity the door closes again.

What am I supposed to do?”

Welcome To The City Of Janus, Newfoundland

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This is the online home to the city of Janus.  Janus is the capital city of Newfoundland, Canada as it exists in The World Of Darkness.  For any more information you want about the city and the background please check out the sister site that houses all online database for everything Janus by clicking Here

In the meantime, enjoy the stories that will be posted here.